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Sax / DJ
JAZZ'n live

The Jazz part is interpreted in two swing and festive forms: a gypsy jazz trio (video # 3) and a traditional New Orleans jazz ensemble (video # 4): two retro styles that may include dancersfor the covers of the classics of the French song: "c'est si bon", "j'attendrais", "les amis first", "menilmontant" as on film # 4, etc. but also international: "hello dolly", "sunny side of the street", "all of me", etc. or even film music: "James Bond", "The Tiger Brigades", "The Pink Panthere", "Borsalino", "Mission Impossible" etc.








The "pop / rock / international variety" part is played by the STAN SMITH group, which includes two guitarists, a bassist and a saxophonist / drummer.They all sing a varied repertoire, all the great successes of the international variety, from the Beatles (Ticket to ride, Help, ...) to Michael Jackson (Billie, Thriller, etc.) through the BEE-GEES (Stayin Alive) , Elvis Presley (viva las vegas, do not be cruel, ...), Pharell Williams (Happy) Bruno Mars (Treasure, Locked out of heaven).STAN SMITH can occur without unplugged equipment, which allows you to switch from table to table (strolling), or on stage.



invited on the channel canal+

"" had the honor of working on a very nice day with alison and mr octopus to ride this little piece R'n'Billingue. We created the piece in just a few hours, here is the result, The light, after a storm, was beautiful.

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