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Fabrice VAURE, saxophonist, clarinetist, plays mainly in Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Alpes-Maritimes and proposes "", an event structure located in the south-east of France that regularly occurs in major French cities and international.His areas of predilection are many and varied, ranging from jazz to java, fanfare, trio discrete or dynamic big band! This structure is light and requires very little installation, it is suitable for gala evenings as inaugurations, seminars, dinner parties, business conventions, wedding ceremonies, wines of honor, barmitsva, in short: all his live musical performances. "" can with its various incarnations support a whole evening; why not with light and swinging jazz for the aperitif, a moving (or) mobile pop / rock training at the tables for dinner and moving / dancing with DJ on the dancefloor? The formulas are numerous and imagined together according to the type of event.


Present ourselves:

Classical studies in clarinet in Antibes, license of musicology of the faculty of letters of Nice, price of saxophones in Jazz of C.N.R. of Nice in 1996. Professor of classical saxophone and jazz in the conservatory of Cagnes-sur-mer.A musical language which oscillates between Classical and Jazz and allows to play in multiple formations of style: Jazz (newscat), Funk (Of the Tune), Swing (boogiemen), Varied (vogue), Rock-Blues (OCBlues), Big band (azur big band), Electro etc.An experience of 30 years serving the organization of live evenings.


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